Informal Indonesian slang words

Many informal Indonesian slang words used every day were absorbed from brand names originally – a lot of which sound nothing like their original ‘formal’ counterparts.

You’ll never find these informal words in any Indonesia dictionary – but learn them and they will be well understood wherever you go.

English Bahasa Indonesia Pronunciation
Mineral water Aqua
MSG Royco
Margarine Blueband
Wafer Stick Astor
Snacks Ciki
Instant noodle cup Popmie
Instant noodle Indomie
LCD projector Infocus
Camcorder Handycam
Megaphone TOA
Antiseptic to treat wounds Betadine
Bandages Hansaplast
Truck Fuso
Highlighter Stabilo
Correction fluid Tipp-ex
Toothpaste Pepsodent
Baby diapers Pampers
Washing detergent (clothes) Rinso
Fabric softener Molto
Vacuum flask Thermos
Paracetamol Panadol
Motion sickness medication Antimo
Spray paint Pylox
Water pump Sanyo
Jeans Levi’s
Motorcycle Honda
Water pipe Paralon
Menstrual pad / pantyliner Softex
Chocolate drink Milo
Bleach Bayclin
Dishwasher detergent Sunlight
Pen Pena
Bug repellent Baygon