Top 5 Must Have Apps When Visiting Or Living In Indonesia

Top 5 Must Have Apps When Visiting Or Living In Indonesia

Living or visiting Indonesia means you need to know more about things that will make your journey more enjoyable and easier. And in this day and age, it would be such a waste if you didn’t use modern technology to explore it all.

Below are our top five applications that will help you to manage your adventure and discover something new about Indonesia.


Do you want to go to a mall or a restaurant but you don’t have a car / any transportation? Or is it pouring down outside?

These aren’t problems anymore, thanks to Go-Jek.

Go-Jek allows you to order an ojek (motorcycle taxi) or a cab driver from your phone. You don’t have to bargain with the ojek driver and you don’t have to worry about being tricked by a taxi fare ‘scam’ since the price is already fixed (and most importantly – it’s very cheap).

Besides this, the app also provides another option for people wanting to order food, movie tickets, a maid, a massage experts, a courier, or even a make-up artist – any of which can be to be sent directly to your location.

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Another helpful application to order something is Tokopedia. Basically, this application connects a customer to a sellers in the simplest way possible.

Almost anything – from local snacks such as many kind of traditional crackers, gifts, clothes, bags, motorcycles, laptop, books, to houses – can be ordered online. And recently, they even started to provide services such as insurance.

  • Download Tokopedia the App Store
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As their name suggests, Traveloka is a travel booking app for those who want to make an ideal route around the world. Choose from train tickets, flights, local attractions, and hotels – all are easy to book with only one click.

Not only that, but if you have any problems with your plans, tickets can be refunded or re-scheduled to meet your needs. This app also gives you a price notification warning, tailored to your planned budget, in case prices should change.

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This must have application is for those of you who are always confused where to eat, or just wanting to try the newest food in town.

PergiKuliner is filled with pictures and reviews from the users, it also includes maps, menus and (of course) the prices.

Besides the normal cozy restaurants, you can also find within it recommended nearby street food.

Now the closest, cheapest, and most delicious sate padang can be found through this app – wherever you are.

  • Download PergiKuliner the App Store
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Indonesian Calendar

When is the best time to take a vacation in Indonesia? It’s a difficult question if you’re not familiar with local holidays.

Indonesian Calendar comes to the rescue to give you the best answers on when peak holiday seasons start and end and what the most recommended times to travel are, along with a helpful schedule reminder.

The app is also filled with the Sundanese, Javanese, and Islamic calendars so you can never miss a holiday.

  • Get it on Google Play

Please note that some of the above apps may only be available in the Indonesia Google Play and Apple App Stores. If you’re living in, or travelling for an extended period of time, in Indonesia – see: